Saturday, November 12, 2011

Treat your skin the way you would want to be treated!

Ever get really dry skin in the Winter? Happens to me every year!  No matter how much moisturizer I use I still suffer from dry skin when the cold weather hits. I'm so sick of it! My handbag is weighed down with about five different kinds of travel sized moisturizers for heaven's sake.  

I came across this article and thought I would share. It has great tips for avoiding certain mistakes we all make. 

The people at iVillage say that these are "Winter Skincare Mistakes":

On their list-
1. Taking long, HOT showers 
2. Using too much toner
3. Skipping sunscreen 
4. Not using a humidifier
5. Using too much fragrance
6. Lacking on moisturizer
7. Not exercising
8. Stripping your skin
9. NOT washing your hair ENOUGH
10. Forgetting about your lips

It looks like I'm guilty of more than just one of these "skincare sins".  I'll be putting more efforts into my skin routine for sure :-)

I am really loving these two at the moment:

Burt's smells and feels good!

Anything by Bliss is a win win!

What skin care products are you using during the Winter months?


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  2. I have heard of that - the bad effects of not exercising much on skin. They say, people who constantly exercise and sweat have glowing skin because toxins from with in are released and skin is naturally moisturized through the sweat. To induce sweating, some wear thermal jackets while jogging.